The Greatest Opportunity
of the Decade Awaits


At Colonial Scrip, we understand that the markets are a lot like the sea. The winds of many directions, the boats of many destinations, and weather that changes the forecasts.

So to understand the directions of the sea is what separates us from the ships that dock and those that sink.

The direction of the sea is known as the current or the uncontrollable force that takes us where it chooses. It is the engine that powers the sea. The direction in which all life forms and all moving objects must account for.

With it, we travel to many destinations, discover many opportunities, and colonize many lands. The ups and downs of the currents and the direction in which it flows often determines the direction in which we point our boats and set sail.

Money is a lot like the current in the sea. It is why we call it currency.

It can spring us in any directions, and we are all given the challenge in learning to ride with the current or against it.

You’ve already done the tough part. You’ve decided where you are is not where you will remain and leaving the shores behind is certainty for you.

Where you will go and how you will get there is where we step in. Let us take it from there.

We studied the seas and have our ears to the wind to navigate what’s ahead. We gathered our compass and studied the directions of the sinking ships to become that which is required of us.

Deciding to become more than what you are and desire more than what you have is the only thing your dreams require from you.

Come aboard. Let’s set sail.

The Greatest Opportunity is Now


Years of



Colonial Scrip is an investment management firm with nearly 20 years of combined experience.

Our mission is simple: to deliver superior risk-adjusted performance while maintaining commitment to our principles discipline and excellence.

Our team has the freedom to independently research and develop opportunities and strategies while adhering to our overall risk management, compliance, operational controls, and hedging exposures where appropriate.


“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.”

– William Arthur Ward


Driven By Independence,

Sustained By Discipline

Colonial Scrip’s strategy is a living, breathing organism that is not centered around one set strategy, but more so toward the strategy that yields the best performance and protection given the goals of the fund.

We like to think of it as striving to capitalize on market inefficiencies through divergent views of economics and markets.

Windows of opportunity are temporary, but using fundamental skill, rigorous analysis, and boldness forges the path to greatness.


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